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The Safety Net helps organisations provide relevant and accessible support for their own people.

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Join others who have elevated their team's mental health with The Safety Net.

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Inside The Safety Net

Everything you need to support the wellbeing of your people.

Screenshot of a mental health video resource page from The Safety Net, featuring a play button overlay on a colorful, informative banner reading 'What is Mental Health?' and another video thumbnail highlighting the message 'Sad for days or even weeks? Time to find some help.' Below is text encouraging users feeling sad for more than a week to watch the video for support, emphasising the breadth of The Safety Net's video resources on mental health and wellbeing.

Numerous Helpful Videos

Each video, carefully curated and expertly produced, aims to provide valuable insights, practical advice, supporting users in their journey toward better wellbeing. With Numerous Helpful Videos, The Safety Net covers a wide range of topics across mental health, lifestyle issues, relationship issues and coping strategies.

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White Label

The white-label feature allows for seamless integration with your existing digital assets, ensuring a consistent user experience that aligns with your brand identity. Provide specialised mental health and well-being resources under your own brand to enhance user trust and engagement, and promote a supportive ethos within your organisation.

Educational graphic showing techniques for diaphragmatic breathing and identifying negative thinking patterns, aimed at providing expert-developed materials for mental health and personal development.

Expert Developed Materials

Users have access to reliable and effective content crafted by professionals with expertise in mental health, well-being, and personal development. This feature is crucial for fostering an informed and supportive community, offering users a trustworthy source of guidance and knowledge.

Preview thumbnails of external support websites such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamble Aware, indicating pathways for specialised assistance in mental health.

Pathways To Further Help

Pathway and signpost your users towards more targeted and specialised support. By connecting your users with a range of external resources and expert assistance, you ensure that those seeking deeper, more personalised help can easily find what they need.

Collage of custom educational content including social media safety, parent information, and staff resources, highlighting the platform’s customisation capability.

Add Your Own Content

Tailor the platform to the unique experiences and knowledge of your users by adding content that is relevant and specific to your organisation. This feature enables you to provide the necessary materials to support wellbeing within your organisation all in one place.

Mood self-assessment questionnaire on a web interface, part of self-evaluation tools designed to help users identify their mental health needs

Self Assessment Tools

These tools, designed by experts, enable users to self-reflect and recognise areas needing attention or improvement. This feature supports users in identifying their own mental health status, paving the way for informed decisions about seeking further help or resources.

One Platform, Multiple Industries

Customisable wellbeing support, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

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Improve employee mental health with tools that fit your organisational culture.

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Equip educators, parents and students with mental health resources for optimal wellbeing.

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Achieve a supportive environment in your sports organisation with relevant resources.

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