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Used by industry leaders to transform their teams.

Online educational platform with a focus on mental health, showcasing resources for dealing with negative online interactions and promoting positive digital communication.

Sharpen Focus

Maximize Your Teams Focus and Efficiency

Utilise our comprehensive suite of mental health resources to mitigate workplace stressors, enhancing team focus and driving overall efficiency. From interactive tools to expert insights, every element is designed to support a highly productive and engaged team.


Numerous Helpful Videos


Expert Developed Materials

Web interface for adding new topics with sections for basic information, media, and tags, set against a customizable backdrop for team collaboration.

Cultivate Harmony

Cultivate a Positive Work Environment

Customise the platform to mirror your company's dedication to wellness, nurturing a supportive and positive company culture. By aligning the platofrms resources with your core values, you create an environment where well-being is woven into the fabric of your daily opererations.


White Labelable


Upload Your Own Materials

Digital platform interface highlighting mental health resources, featuring educational videos and tools for self-assessment and managing mental health.

Empower Resilience

Encourage Self-Managed Mental Health Practices

Equip your team with self-assessment tools that enable individuals to independently evaluate and manage their mental health. Additionally, integrated pathways to further help ensure that employees have immediate access to professional support when needed.


Self Assessment Tools


Tools For Further Help

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“It's a one stop shop where you can go at any time of the day or night to have a look at what’s bothering you and get some really good advice, I can't recommend it enough.”

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Your Questions, Answered

Discover quick answers to enhance your team's mental wellbeing journey with us.

How do I use the Safety Net? add

Annual membership of the Safety Net platform will give the user full 24 hour access to the resources and pathways. The platform responsively displays on most devices and can be used whenever needed. An example would be accessing the "Having trouble Sleeping" resource in the middle of the night. People often feel the immediate benefit of the resources, but over time that benefit may diminish or be forgotten entirely as the individual starts to revert back to previous behaviours. Accessing the resources when needed supplies the repeated reinforcement of the learning and can provide the individual with a more resilient mindset.

What devices does the Safety Net work on? add

The Safety Net is optimised to work on ALL devices with access to the Internet.

Are different languages supported? add

A basic translation of the content is available via google translate at the bottom of each page. If you require a more comprehensive translation please get in touch.

Do you offer any training sessions on implementing The Safety Net? add

As part of building the platform, we will offer an onboarding meeting in order to show you the platform and how it works. Beyond this there is a help button that will take you to a knowledge base. We’re also available 24/7 for any queries you may have.

Is The Safety Net suitable for businesses of all sizes? add

We take you through an onboarding meeting and support you with a knowledge base as well as email support 24/7. Should you require more training sessions we can arrange these for an hourly fee.

Are the mental health resources on The Safety Net regularly updated? add

We try to keep the resources up to date with new content and also new subjects, we’re also open to any new suggestions that need to be created. One key feature is that you’re able to update The Safety Net with your resources too.

UK businesses that invest in employee mental health see a return of £5.30 for every £1 spent*

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